MCL hosts Professor Beydoun for the Massachusetts launch of his book this May:

American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear

Get your book now to prepare for his upcoming talks!

Join us to meet the author and hear him speak on these dates:

Friday, May 25th, location TBD (in partnership with Al-Hamra Academy)

Saturday, May 26th, location TBD

Sunday, May 27th, location TBD


MCL – Muslim Community Link

Community Building Programs

Our community building programs seek to build a supportive community by facilitating opportunities for community members to interact with one another in healthy ways to create a sense of belonging and an environment of wellness. Currently, these include the Parent-Child Playgroup and Black Seed Farmers Market.

Educational Services

MCL provides educational programming to raise awareness about societal problems that prevent us from belonging, as well as development programs that support individuals to take charge of their lives to achieve a life of wellness.

Referral & Support Services

Our referral & support services empower community members to access needed resources and services to achieve a life of wellness and belonging.

GuideStar Participation

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MCL was founded in 2001 to serve underrepresented Muslims in the Greater Worcester community. Today, we’re working to foster healthy community development and engagement, through community programs, education, and support services.

MCL hosts Professor Beydoun for a speaker series this May! Get your book now to prepare for his upcoming talks! Dismiss